“Russian” Tea Mix

I put quotation marks around Russian to avoid offending anyone, as I believe this recipe probably doesn’t even originate in Russia.  Although, I’d imagine Russians might find it tasty as well.  I am quite certain that it is definitely not traditional Russian tea.  I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that, too.  This recipe was very popular in the 1970’s.  It was served to company and given as gifts in pretty jars, and thus, is also known as friendship tea.  I have adjusted the recipe a bit from its original, because when the original was being made, it called for a cup of sugar, but now the drink mixes are already sweetened, so I have omitted the extraneous sugar.  Momma and I are thinking of having this here on Halloween night, so I thought I would post the recipe as this is the first thing we’ll be having in a while that actually has a recipe but hasn’t already been posted here.  I’ve really been sticking with the known favorites recently.  I hope you enjoy this recipe and share a cup of tea and friendship this season.


2 1/2 C Tang

1 1/4 C instant tea

1 1/4 C lemonade mix

1 Tsp cinnamon (Those who are allergic might want to substitute ginger, it complements citrus wonderfully.)

1/2 Tsp cloves


Mix all ingredients thoroughly for Russian tea mix, also known as friendship tea.

Add 2 heaping teaspoons to hot water for each cup.

Sugar content:

This is a pretty indulgent drink as far as sugar goes, so, you may want to skip it altogether if you’re terribly concerned with that.  However, you can find sugar free tea mix and lemonade mix.  I’m unsure, though, if you can find sugar free Tang.  I have never seen it here.


  • I think this could be a great mix to have on hand for something to serve to unexpected company.
  • As I mentioned earlier, this was a popular drink mix to give in a pretty jar, perhaps with a ribbon or some pretty fabric on it.
  • This mix would make part of a nice gift basket with some cookies or baked goods.
  • I think this is just great to have stored in a jar or an empty drink mix container for cold nights at home for a quick hot beverage to enjoy while reading a book or watching a movie.
  • I also think this is nice to bring along with you if you’re someone’s guest during the holiday season.

2 thoughts on ““Russian” Tea Mix

    • I’m glad, Tea And Scandal! Please let me know how it goes! Unfortunately, it’s not quite as active as it used to be because I’ve been cooking mainly everyone’s tried and true favorites, by request. But, it’s not abandoned!

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