Thanksgiving Printables

I ran across some cool free Thanksgiving printables this afternoon and wanted to share them with you.  There are so many interesting things online.  It’s fantastic how many things you can print and make from cardstock.  The first set of Thanksgiving printables comes from The Toymaker.  You’ll find a few things there: small place boxes, place cards, napkin rings, and possible table decorations among them.  The second set comes from Vintage Image Craft.  There, I found both place card and napkin ring printables.  These are also free.  I know this post is filled with links, but I wanted to make sure I did my best to show you where I found these nice things.  I absolutely love vintage images and was thrilled when I found Vintage Image Crafts.  I like what they’ve collected, and some of there crafts are pretty neat as well.  As for the Toy Maker, I truly wish I had her artistic talent.  I admire her artwork very much.  I believe I will be posting both links here on Princess In The Kitchen.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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